Making an Appointment

Our Online Booking is available by clicking here.

Telephone Bookings

Bookings can be made by ringing

(02) 6495 4700

Appointments are made by phoning the clinic, our appointment system keeps a few times open to fit in urgent same day appointments. Consultations are routinely booked for 15 minutes. In the interests of preventing waiting room delays every effort is made to run according to the booked time. If you have several problems or issues    deserving extensive discussion please let the receptionist know in order that extra time may be allotted.

Unfortunately, and especially in country practice, emergencies will occur which can delay the appointment. Every effort will be made to notify delayed appointment times and the understanding of patients is appreciated. If you have an urgent medical condition requiring same day attention, please phone the surgery at 8.30am to arrange an appointment time.

We are a training clinic, we believe that this improves that standard of care provided in the clinic and contributes to a future of well-trained clinicians. As such we often have medical and nursing students sitting in with our doctors and nurses. If you do not wish to have the students present please inform the reception staff or your own doctor prior to your appointment. Our Practice provides our patients with preventative care and early case detection reminders.