Schedule of Fees


Sapphire DOES NOT Bulk Bill Adults for standard appointments.

  • Standard Consultation (20mins) $70.00 
  • Long Consultation ( over 20mins) $104.00
  • Long Consultations (30 - 40 mins) $120
  • Long Consultations (40 mins or more) $170
  • Pensioner/Health Care Card Holders receive $10 discount on all consultations.
  • Scripts requested over the phone will incur a charge of $5 for 1 script and $10 for 2 or more.

Payments are made by EFTPOS,CREDIT CARD or CASH and Medicare rebate credited at time of payment.


Sapphire Clinic DOES bulk bill (Regular Patients Only)

  • Children under 16
  • All immunisations
  • Care Plans and Care Plan reviews
  • For regular patients brief script ONLY Consultations

More detailed list of fees on display at our Clinic